Clover Bingo Online Terms and Conditions        

  1. Tickets will be sent via email, or made available for collection or post at an additional cost.
  2. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure tickets are printed legibly with full game and date.
  3. Ticket sales close at 7.30pm on the day of the game.
  4. In the event that tickets are purchased after the deadline, then these purchased tickets will be valid for the same session the following week.
  5. To claim a prize, the winner must email with the following details:
    1. Picture of winning ticket (if requested)
    2. Amount Won
    3. IBAN
    4. Name of account holder
    5. Panel number
  6. Once winnings are validated and paid no further claims will be entered into.
  7. Validated winnings will be treated as final closure of the game. 
  8. We reserve  the right to exclude any persons from playing.
  9. It is the players responsibility to provide all details requested to play games and claim winnings.
  10. Any persons found to be disruptive WILL be removed from the game, and informed of a winnings they may have missed as a result.
  11. Participants must be 18 years or older.
  12. Books ordered after Wednesday at 2pm will not be available for postage.
  13. Books ordered for print and collect will only be available till 12pm on the previous Friday.
  14. Double books will be invalid unless complete, No payments will be made in this instance.
  15. Winnings paid directly via bank transfer on submission of IBAN, we can not be held responsible for wrong payments, therefore you must ensure correct details are forwarded on.
  16. Anyone using abusive or foul language will be removed from the game without warning. No refunds will be made in this instance.
  17. Electronic copies of all books/tickets are kept on file to ensure genuine claims. Those tickets held on file are deemed to be genuine and true, no others will be entered into.



  1. The online bingo jackpot starts at a €500 and will increase weekly by €100 until won.
  2. The jackpot will start from 43 calls or less and increase bi-weekly until won.
  3. Promotions and special offers do not apply to the Jackpot sheet.
  4. Jackpot is capped at €3000 and is subject to change without notice.
  5. This jackpot is subject to change/withdrawal without prior notice.


   Buddy Bingo

  1. Each Book will have a buddy of the same number on the opposite book, Ie Single book 42 will be buddy to Double book 42 and so on.
  2. If a buddy is not in play, we will continue the game to find a second full house winner. 
  3. The buddy must make them selves known, vocally or via chat, once we continue to call further numbers, that claim will be deemed late and not validated.
  4. In the event of multiple checks all prizes will be shared.
  5. In the event of same book or panel numbers being issued, the prize will be split equally  between the winners.


   Double Bubble

  1. Sold as an additional game.
  2. Check on a double number to receive double prize money.
  3. Game played as treble chance.
  4. Bonus prize payable if win is in the bonus panel indicated by a lucky clover, (panel 2) 
  5. Bonus prize will be deemed by the number checked on, ie check on number 56 to receive €56
  6. The double element of the game does not apply to the bonus payment, and only a singular payment will be made.
  7. The bonus is subject to change without prior notice.
  8. Prize money for this ticket will be announced prior to the game being played and is subject to ticket sales. 
  9. Once a bonus payment has been made, no others will be made available.


   Snowball Flyer

  1. A ticket is only available as a single for €3 or as a Double for €5
  2. Normal bingo rules apply
  3. The full house prize money will be determined by the number of calls, to be announced prior to the game.


  Lotto/Side Bet Game

     1. Tickets will be issued with the purchase of the 9 page book.
     2. Each week a draw will be made using the ticket code.
     3. All tikcets will be entered into each draw, including the tickets from previous week. 
     4. Missing or lost tickets can not be replaced or re-issued.
     5. On the final week, the 5 numbers on your ticket will be used for a game of bingo, to determine the winner of the final prize.
     6. The Total cash prize fund €1500, to include all prizes issued through month of October.
     7. The claimant must be in live play to claim a prize on the night. 
     8. Weekly prize draws will be for 2 winners who will each receive €50 in cash and bingo for the following game of choice. 
     9. Managers decision is final.


   Facebook Prizes

  1. Books are non transferable and must be in live play.
  2.  Managers decision is final.

   Text Competition

  1. Text competitions may be run at any given time.
  2. By entering into a competition you are giving in your details, which will be entered on to a data base for use in future.
  3. by Sending a text you are giving us permission to contact you via text.
  4. We may from time to time text you with details of up coming promotions or games.
  5. if you no longer wish to receive texts, please reply with the word STOP


   Lucky Clover Bingo Online Rules for Playing.

  1. Prior to the start of Lucky Clover online bingo, players must check that they have the correct bingo tickets for that session and that the paper tickets are complete and undamaged with the date and ticket number legibly printed.
  2. Prior to the start of each game, players are advised which page and which game is to be played.
  3. The Caller selects, by operating online software and announces each number as selected. The number is deemed to have been called immediately when the Caller commences to speak, whether he/she begins with words descriptive of the number or simply announces the figure or figures of the number.
  4. Please ensure numbers are sufficiently legible to be easily checked beyond dispute.
  5. The numbers called are shown on an indicator board. In the event of a discrepancy between a number or numbers announced by the Caller and those shown on the indicator board, then the number shown on the display on the random number generator shall prevail.
  6. The first person who marks off all numbers on the line or lines or other combination in play must unmute themselves and call out, “check” before the next number is called. In the event that the player with the winning combination fails to call “check” then the Caller will validate the win and the win will be dealt with when the session ends.
  7. The player claiming a prize must produce his/her book or card details for inspection by email. If he/she fails to produce these documents, he/she shall forfeit his/her right to any prize.
  8. Should more than one player be entitled to call, claiming a prize, and does so in accordance with these Rules, then the prize money for the game in question shall be equally divided among the winners of that game. 
  9. Where more than one game is played on the same card, for example 2 lines across leading to a full house, the second of the games cannot be won until the first has been completed and at least one further number called.
  10. In the event of an equipment breakdown, which prohibits the playing of a game, or the continuation of a game in progress, all numbers called shall stand while the game is continued on another form of equipment or there has been an alternative resolution.
  11. Certain special games may have different rules of play and these are displayed separately.
  12. In the event of duplicate tickets being issued, the prize money for that game will be “shared” between the winners.